Benefits of sustainable and ecological furniture

The manufacture of sustainable and ecological furniture is not a new topic, but I think it is important to remember it from time to time and the benefits it brings apart from the fact that it is no longer an option for our planet but a necessity. This does not mean that it will not be productive for end sellers and in this post we see how.

What is sustainable furniture?

Sustainable furniture is furniture that has been manufactured with the environment and the people who make, sell and buy it in mind. For furniture to be sustainable, the following requirements must be met:

  • Take into account the life cycle of raw materials.
  •  The design and production of ecological furniture must be in such a way that the least amount of raw materials is used and its durability is guaranteed.
  •  Recycling sustainable furniture should be easy and convenient. 
  •  Raw materials must be local and if this is not an option, their origin must be as close as possible. If we do that, the impact of transportation will be minimal. 
  •  Finishes without using varnishes or toxic paints. You can use natural oils or ecological paints such as water-based, chalk or casein paints.   
  •  Efficient distribution optimizing the available space and the routes used.

Advantages for the buyer and the environment

  • They are good for our health: The chemicals that “normal” furniture has, such as varnishes and paints, are harmful to our health because they contain Formaldehyde, which is a chemical that has been scientifically proven to be linked to some forms of cancer. Other chemicals used are also shown to cause skin irritations and respiratory problems. “Eco-friendly” furniture uses natural alternatives that do not cause these problems. 
  • In many cases, sustainable furniture is cheaper than “normal” furniture, since it uses recycled materials as raw materials, which are usually cheaper than refined materials.
  • “Eco-friendly” furniture prevents deforestation. Thousands of trees are cut down every year for the manufacture of furniture, favoring deforestation. One way we can stop that deforestation and do our part is by buying and selling sustainable furniture that has been made from recycled materials.
  • By buying and selling ecological furniture, we would be able to leave a minimal negative footprint on our ecosystem. The recycled materials and natural chemicals used to make this furniture are not bad for the environment.

Economic advantages of sustainable furniture

Buyers of all ages are increasingly showing more interest in sustainably manufactured products. A study carried out by Nielsen Global saw that the 75% of the “Millennials”, the 72% of the “Generation Z” and the 51% of the “Baby Boomers” (I love the person who names the generations, if you are reading me please call the that were “conceived” during the confinement “Generation Cepa” or “Pandemics”) these generations are willing to pay more for a product that has been manufactured sustainably and even more if companies have demonstrated that they are committed to having an impact positive with the environment. Most respondents said they would pay a premium if the products are:

  • From a trusted company 
  • That the products are beneficial for health and well-being 
  • The products have been made with natural and organic products
  • Manufactured by a company that is known for manufacturing in an environmentally friendly manner.

This shows us the benefits of investing to sell ecological and sustainable furniture, it is a good idea not only because of the need to save our planet, it is also being seen that it is not a thing of the future but it is already a reality that buyers look for alternatives that are respectful of the environment and with each generation the feeling is exponentially stronger. Companies would be able to increase their market share, which we wrote in previous blogs about taking the toast of your competitors.

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