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As you already know, in RoomBox We love interior design and the challenges it sometimes entails. Therefore, in this blogpost we will focus on small spaces, particularly the hall, where we must make the most of every meter. How to apply a lot of functionality without forgetting about aesthetics? Next, we'll tell you!

recibidor - sillón y mesa
Picture of Max Vakhtbovych in Pexels

Small homes or studios are a focus of attention today. These show that striking and multifunctional spaces can be achieved, which may not seem to be easy at all. However, paying close attention to the style and furniture we need, it can be much simpler.

In the end we realize that, Like a puzzle, all the pieces fit together perfectly..

From the outside to the inside, and vice versa!

Recibidor - banco
Picture of Max Vakhtbovych in Pexels

In homes, not much attention is normally paid to the hall, which means we may be losing a vital and functional space. And the entrance of the house connects us with the home from the outside. That's where we prepare to go out.

In addition, the way of using homes has changed. We have realized that we need more space and better organization, due to the global pandemic and teleworking in which more time is spent at home and we share spaces.

In RoomBox, we take on the challenge and are going to design and improve the hall of a home, optimizing the space and also creating a dressing room-closet.

Since the hall is the connection between the exterior and the home, it must be welcoming and functional at the same time, so we will change ornate or showy objects for more attractive ones. neutral, warm and practical.

The essentials

Recibidor - estante

A main shelf where to leave keys and a air freshener They are essential. By adding another shelf with a mirror and drawer, we achieve a much more decorative and functional effect. We can also place more shelves with hangers in the space behind the door, combining colors and materials in harmony with the rest of the decoration and furniture.

We can always add a small plant to get a touch of nature and vegetation and a decorative candle, which transmits to us that feeling of home and light; as well as a paper bin which will serve as an umbrella stand or for a cane.  

Get a dressing room and reception at the same time!

We are going to convert the back of the hallway into a dressing room. To do this, we decorate with a plant and a standing mirror in which you can see yourself once dressed before going out into the street.

We will help each other neutral rug and a bank where to sit and be able to take off your shoes, in front of the built-in wardrobe/dressing room, which, of course, will also serve as a small waiting room for visitors.

Tonality, materials and lighting

We like to dress the walls, with some small paintings in warm tones, matching the wood we continue with this continuity of materiality and warmth.

With a wooden floor lamp and a painting, in matching colors and materials, we managed to improve the lighting and cover the space.

As to lighting and wall painting: we recommend using neutral and soft colors on the side walls, like a light gray, achieving greater luminosity and a feeling of calm, and on narrower walls a beige or cream for visual breadth and warmth.

recibidor casa
Picture of Douglas Sheppard in Unsplash

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