Below we show you how to publish your professional data and projects in the RoomBox professional gallery.

To get started, take a look at the video tutorials to learn how to use RoomBox. Remember that in RoomBox you can create multiple projects and high-quality realistic images. Once you have created an image or several, you can download them to your computer, tablet or mobile.

The next step is to create your professional profile in the decorators gallery. To do this, enter with your same username and password as RoomBox. If you have any problems, try changing your password or register as a new user in the professional gallery. If you cannot enter, write to us at medium.

Review the user's general data, you can add a photo and some personal information. You don't need to change your password if you don't want to (leave it blank). Press the button Save the changes.

To add a project, click + Add a Project. If it is your first project, it will ask you to complete professional information. You can include telephone number, address, social networks and other information of interest of your choice. Remember that these data will be public and will be used to contact you.

Now you can include details about your project. A project contains one or more images and a description of your work. When you have entered all the information press Submit project.

Below is your professional information and the project will undergo a review by the RoomBox team before being published. Once published you will be visible in the professional gallery. You can later add new projects.

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