So you feel at home. Living on rent or not!

We can safely assume that having a place to call home is one of the top priorities, if not the most priority, in the world. Home, that place so intimate and so ours. A home is generally where we will spend about a third of our lives. And if you add to that the new rules of the game, in which you can work with the same or greater efficiency than from the office, it is possible to imagine that this percentage is even higher. This makes it essential that when you are at home, your first or ninth home, you feel at home, even if you live as a renter.

What makes a home feel like a real home?

As you may have already imagined, in RoomBox we are very, very professional, although we are not expert psychologists or sociologists. Of course, we are very good at asking people openly when we have doubts. Of course, we know how to read and research online very well. And after asking quite a few people and reading quite a few articles, we concluded that these are some of the most relevant elements for any house to make us feel like our true home:

Change the decoration, the setting, or the feeling

You can choose a more rustic style with furniture from, for example, Kave Home. Imagine that, lucky for you, you rent a house with large windows and many hours of natural light. You can open RoomBox, recreate your space with that piece of furniture you're excited to buy, and play with sunlight.

Furthermore, in this way you can see if the combination of lighting and textiles you already have fit with your new furniture before paying for it. And if it doesn't fit with what already comes in the house, you can try other versions to see which one achieves the desired effect.

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The colors of the walls and textiles

On a personal note, I like contrasts. A wall that is sky blue, or the sand when it is hit by the sun on a soft spring morning.

For this, as in the previous section, it is important that you know yourself. It is very important that you know which colors most convey a state of inner tranquility.

When you open RoomBox, a good practice would be to simulate a typical situation of the day (a sunset sun in the living room seen from the sofa) and change the wall colors. With this simple exercise you can get an idea of whether that color transmits peace to you, makes you feel indifferent, or, on the contrary, stresses you out.

Adapt things to space and not vice versa

When you enter a rental house, the furniture there may be perfectly designed for the space. But generally, we like to take things for a spin. We like to give our own touch to the place that is going to be our new home.

To do this, if you already know how long each wall of the room you want to redecorate measures, Enter the exact measurements in RoomBox and start populating the room.Ena. With this, you will be able to see if you are managing your space well or if you will have to be more elastic to move through the very small space that you have left between furniture and furniture.

It is easier to select new or semi-new furniture to fit the house than to adapt the house to that furniture. Simply put, one is more rigid than the other.

The important thing: that you feel at home living on rent

Whatever your new rental is, only one thing matters. YesIt only matters that you, the new person renting that house, feel at home even if you are living as a renter.

Redecorate without fear. Avoid making new holes whenever you can. Paint and furnish as you please. Your home is the most intimate space you can have. It is your lair, your refuge, and the place that houses the most memories.

It will never be perfect, but from RoomBox, We always work to help you make your world a better place.. If you would like to discover more about RoomBox, and what it can do for you and your current and future clients, click the button.

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