I am an Interior Designer! (in my free time)

I am a virtual interior designer. I'm chef. I am a programmer. I am what I want to be in my free time (and beyond). In a world full of opportunities and resources, we feel increasingly empowered to do what makes us happy, develop new skills, and even turn our hobbies into a career.

DIY culture

Maybe it has to do with culture. do it yourself (DIY) and the “I can do it!” so sought after by companies. Do it yourself, do it your way, be independent. Often synonymous with crafts, DIY has expanded into many industries as people set out to explore their hobbies thoroughly.

We have all encountered the story of the housewife/husband who converts her passion for cupcakes in profession, but DIY culture goes much further than this case. Sometimes it becomes a new career path, other times it becomes a great way to spend time and have fun. What matters is that we are eager to learn and do more for ourselves. The important is that We are increasingly open to learning more things and being self-sufficient.

Aside from that culture and attitude, there are an infinite amount of resources (often free) for anyone to take advantage of and specialize in a new activity.

Virtual interior design for everyone

In the world of interior design, there are many things one can do on their own. Many people have an innate talent for style and decoration, an eye for detail and a curiosity for what is fashionable. Additionally, whether the starting point is your current, future, or even fictional dream home, Who is more expert than yourself?

According to the newspaper Guardian, interior design It has become something conventional for everyone. He claims that there is a correlation between the rise in the use of interior design apps and the fact that few millennials become homeowners. It is as if we are living a dream in an imaginary world. Because in today's economy it has become almost impossible to buy and furnish that “forever house”. However, in a digital environment, we not only own that house, but we can also design it however we want. You can easily become a virtual interior designer with a platform like RoomBox. A paradise for virtual spaces that come close to reality to impressive levels.

The inspiration

Furthermore, the industry is growing with numerous binge-worthy TV shows for example Extreme Makeover and the famous twins. This is great inspiration for all interior design lovers! But it's not just television, social networks like Pinterest and especially Instagram are so full of design that one can continue making scroll and scroll endless. You click on related hashtags and spend hours soaking up all the information available. Social networks have become a stage for all those who aspire to be interior designers. These allow you to create an online portfolio and thus exhibit your work to a very wide audience.

In the words of interior designer Christina Higham herself, Instagram has “made people feel that anyone can be an interior designer because they have all these things at their fingertips”.

We live in a very tech world

Whether we're tinkering or actually designing a space, we need the technological tools to create and, later, display our projects. To reach Pinterest or Instagram with original work First we have to find that platform that will allow us to release our role as an interior designer in our free time..

This is where RoomBox It is really useful. On the one hand, it's like a video game; simple, intuitive and fun in which you can furnish your home with 3D furniture objects that you can find in any store. On the other hand, the photorealism that RoomBox achieves, brings us back to reality allowing us to visualize our home as if it were A real magazine photo.

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