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If you have any questions, consult our list of frequently asked questions

Is RoomBox free?

Yeah. You can use RoomBox for free to create 3D decorative projects without any limitations. You can also produce realistic images of your projects for free until you consume the 10 credits included at the time of registration. 

How can I use RoomBox?

You can access RoomBox from your personal computer by clicking the link

Soon you will be able to enjoy the App versions for tablet and mobile.

How can I share a project?

To share a project press the share icon at the top of the menu and get the project code. Send that code to someone else to open with RoomBox.

To open someone else's project with code, access the RoomBox main menu and the “Open project with code” option. Paste the project code and you can open it. 

What happens to my project if I share it?

When you share a project, your project is safe. The other person can open it and make their own copy to make changes, but they cannot modify the original project.

What are image credits?

In RoomBox, the generation of realistic images is calculated in the cloud and has a small cost depending on the time it takes to calculate the image. When you register we give you some credits that allow you to create several images depending on their size. You can purchase more credits to continue producing images of your decorative projects. It is not mandatory to purchase credits to continue designing with RoomBox.

How long does it take for a realistic image to be produced?

An image is processed in a very short time (between 3 and 5 minutes). The time will depend on the resolution, the larger the resolution, the longer the process time. Each image consumes more or less credits depending on its size.

Can I use the images freely?

Yeah. The images you produce in RoomBox can be shared publicly or used in your professional environment without any restrictions.

I am a furniture company. How can I put my catalog in RoomBox?

If you are a furniture and decoration company, you can have your catalog digitized in RoomBox and accessible to thousands of people to develop projects with your furniture, in addition to redirecting traffic to your corporate or e-commerce page.

Contact us on this link and we will inform you about the benefits and the integration model of your catalog in RoomBox.

I would like to see furniture from my favorite brand

Send us the firm's contact information to offer them the catalog integration service. You can also help us by telling them about RoomBox :)

What is RoomBox ShowRoom?

RoomBox Showroom is an environment for professionals and decoration lovers to share their decorative projects and offer their contact information. Interested clients can search for the best professional for their needs.

How do I register for RoomBox ShowRoom?

You can access RoomBox ShowRoom with the same username with which you have registered in RoomBox. 

If you want to register as a professional decorator, add a first project and wait for our team to validate the information.

Who develops RoomBox?

RoomBox is a technological project of the Spanish company Next Limit, a pioneer company in the development of simulation and visualization products for more than 26 years. RoomBox is developed by software engineers, architects, decorators and 3D specialists.

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